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Not much has been going on. I'm still unemployed and all that jazz. I'm out of food, need to go shopping. Whoo.

My secondary characters need more attention. Whenever I actually doodle something, it always seems to be Kahvie. Not that I've been drawing much at all, of course. I just never have any ideas. My life is ridiculously uneventful, after all. Eh.
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First post, första posten...I'm only 50% sure the grammar is correct there, I still haven't been actively working on my svenska grammar even after all these years of meaning to. The mild dyslexia doesn't help either, hurf. Awesome Swedish peeps, please do correct me if I be wrong:A!

I've been trying to snatch a code for this place since I first heard of it a few weeks ago, so I was a bit giddy when I managed to catch a code giveaway post that actually had available codes still listed the other day. Since GreatestJournal was nuked off the face of the 'Net I've been looking for a similar, non-LJ place to serve mainly as an art and occasional photography blog for myself, so hopefully this site will stick around and I'll be artfully motivated enough to get some use out of it.

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